Sunday, April 4, 2010

All isn't well in Bloggsville, is it?

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  1. i have noticed some things....but i never concern myself about stuff like that, was attacked so bad one day, i had to defend myself where i would never have otherwise said anything....i say,say your piece and move on....nothing is really that serious and you ought not to leave blogsville for my friend says anybody who doesn't like it can go and jump

  2. I am totally lost on this one. But make una calm the ruffled feathers OK? I'm off.

  3. ...I spit!

    abeg take am easy o.whether we like it or not, thr re times pple tend to misunderstand what we write or make comments that get u pissed bt if u ve bn on blogger 4 a while,u take such things with a pinch of salt. ...besides it's a virtual world afterall!

  4. Just got a chance to hop on your blogger page again, it's been a while but this blog of yours definitely caught my eye. Very well spoken T-Notes. I absolutely loved the entire wording of your last paragraph! Sounds like something I would say to some people in my life at the moment lol. About "beef on blogging" I am so worried about my latest post getting in the wrong hands and what they'd say to me if they confronted how I truly felt. But like you said, we're all entitled to be ourselves, and nothing can stop us.