Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flipping Horny Thursday!

What, isn't the title enough for you?!
Grouchy, as the title implies!
I will apologise later!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ROTFWL...Restless T.Notes!!!

Honestly i truly truly have pledged my allegiance to blogger,moreso blogsville naija...but ehmmm,sometimes the restless bit of me stirs atimes so i take a wee trip down memorylane just to see whats going on in former blogsvilla.I know i know,i just have a knack for being addicted to intelligent conflict!So just for your laughs and my busybodiness,here's a little gossip from the blogsworld T.notes formerly used to call home-name withheld jare!

Re-tweet/Re-blog post by "kevinunknown" posted 15hours ago

Right I am having a rant about the quality and content of some of the blogs on this site. Firstly the spammers who would seem to have got smart and started using popular tags such as “life”. As we all know this is a massive problem, I found the contact details for one of the companies that are spamming us the most and was going to email them then thought better of it, they would probably just spam my inbox craxzy!!!

Next problem here are all the alts (T.notes defines "alts" as "alternate ego.i.e people who pretend to be 2-3 different bloggers and cause wahala all over the place), now they don’t even bother trying to cover it up and post on their own blogs posing as a like minded individual’s. Most of what they post is just utter rubbish that gets to the top of the feature page purely because they have spent a hour of their day posting on their own shit blogs just to annoy the rest of us, really how pathetically boring is your life that you do that. At least the spammers get paid to annoy us, you lot are doing it because you are so bored with your own life and because no one else finds you interesting. Remember hotips4u (T.notes defines hotips4u as my arch enemy on former blogsvilla!), well am going to put it out there I think he/she was travelling2 or whatever his/her name was and just posted all that shit to get attention.

It’s very rare now that there is not an offensive blog on the feature page, you know the type of blog all balanced minds find offensive. Here’s what I mean blogs entitled “All Muslims Suck”, ok your perfectly entitled to you opinion, as are your alternate psychologically imbalanced persona’s but keep it to yourself we don’t like your xenophobic views, they are disgusting. Then there’s the homophobia and I mean comments like “All homo’s should be beheaded” no they shouldn’t but you should consider doing society a favour and beheading yourself.

Some deluded individual has made a alt pretending to be me; he’s called kevinknown (T.notes inserts lol!Get the pun?). Now i really am flattered that you find my writing so interesting that you have attempted to embody me, it’s really quite sweet. But you’re not me and nor are your views remotely similar to mine, they are just offensive ignorant drivel. Why do these people vandalise blogs? I have had at least two blogs with over 60 posts that just say “Sexually explicit”;I can honestly say i have never found anything about socialism sexually explicit.

We also have allot of bloggers who feel a need to share with us their sex life’s, ok fair enough on this blog site you can talk about whatever you want. But why do they think we want to know what BDSM (T.notes inserts Ahem here!Google that one yourself o!)humiliation their “Daddy” likes to subject them to or the strange thoughts they have towards their sister. Let’s face it,we all know these bloggers are either frustrated 14 year old boys or perverted 46 year old men looking for 14 year old boys. Once again would these sick people please go with the alts, spammers, racists, homophobes and the rest of the scum plaguing our site and FUCK OFF

Friday, June 11, 2010

South Africa Waka Waka!

This time for Africa!!!

If you haven't somehow caught the south africa soccer fever...awwww come on, under what rock doth thou reside!!!!I'm not much of a soccer enthusiast,and even i can do the DISKI DANCE!!!Lol!!!

There seems,admittedly to be this underlying "bad belly" amongst us Naija-rians,that oh well, FIFA didn't give us the ticket to host,so lets just enjoy the soccer. But i think,if we are to be honest, we couldn't do quite half a job as they've done with the PR for the event. See how that "Waving Flag" Song has caught like a virus!!!How many versions have you heard??!!!And i just saw Shakira and Fresh Ground's "Waka Waka". I think it was awesome-gets you definetly in the mood!Well,i'm a biased Fresh Ground fan though!

I've been to a number of African countries, and ehmmm,i just think south africa beats em all!What other country would do a CNN feature on "Juju People" making charms for footballers and you'd think "awwww that's so cute"!!!lol!They've got great people, beautiful girls (ehmm,cough!),and such an amazing culture. From a theater perspective, i've been long biased towards their cultural depictions on stage, even over ours. I think its the way they manage to properly "brand" everything!

Ehmm,cough again. I'm off work today, being the opening day of the ceremony!WAIIIIIT oooo,i truly am sick!Was at the hospital yesterday and i'm right now drugged out with camoquine. So i've called in sick, and right now, quite comfy with toast bread,honey and cable t.v!Life is good!!!Ohhh shit,Boss, you're not reading my blog are you?!Never mind, Boss is also off work today!I suspect him too.Seriously tho, i av worked overtime in the past months,hence i need a break jare!

In conclusion,
I THINK SA rocks.
I THINK whatever company handled the PR package for this event should be working for mE.
I KNOW that once the first game is played, T.notes will completely forget he EVER wrote this blog.

But,take a mo peoples-pimples and lets hear it for SOUTH AFRICA!!!

Signing Off,
A Proudly South African T.Notes!

Monday, June 7, 2010

T.Note Guide to Good Theater...

T.Note Guide to Good Theater...

Taking Flight...Showing at The Nuroyican, NY City

First there was Mary and Rhoda, then Thelma and Louise, and now Adriana and Rhonda, two lovable and unforgettable friends. One, searching for the goddess and her shamanic roots, the other, planning her epic “Godfather meets the Mists of Avalon” wedding, until 9/11 changes everything. In this award winning play, Sevan “joins the ranks of the best,” as she takes you on a deeply moving, hilarious, and courageous journey into the depth of friendship, the challenge of care-giving, and the resilience of the human spirit. Originally developed at the Sundance Theatre Lab, South Coast Repertory, and produced by Center Theatre Group at the Kirk Douglas Theatre, San Diego Rep, and the Goodman Theatre, this “enthralling play is an example of how good a one person show can be.” Laugh, cry, and cheer Adriana as she discovers why the heart is the strongest muscle we have in our bodies and experience why Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Nilo Cruz, named TAKING FLIGHT, “a magnificent piece for the theatre…an allegory of our time.”

* Jul 8>7:00PM
* Jul 9>7:00PM
* Jul 14>7:00PM
* Jul 15>7:00PM
* Jul 16>7:00PM

Admission: $15/$10 advance

Friday, June 4, 2010

T.notes "Good" Blog Find...My Opinion

So I just happened upon this insane poem by temite
I don't agree with alot of the creed therein but i choose to re-blogg it (as in like re-tweet)
cos it nonetheless strikes me as a charming+spunkful+oddly hilarious read
Anyhoo (as in neefemi's lingua), ENJOY!!!

I believe, by Temite

I believe in praying on sunday mornings,
and washing your teeth with vodka after.
I believe in second chances
and the 3rd...4th....and 5th.
I believe in having sex on monday mornings
and saturday evenings too

I believe in Jesus and his teaching
although I often doubt his paternity
I believe in wearing bows in my hair
and pretty pink leather gloves.

I believe in Mac products
but I admit the obviousness of it
I believe in managing people
but I would hire someone to manage me

I believe in forgiving easily
because those were Jesus's teachings
I believe in giving lots of oral sex,
only because it brings me pleasure.

I believe in kneeling to greet my husband,
just because he must deserve it.
I believe in demanding equal partnership,
i think most marriages need this.

I believe in the utility of things,
but I also value frivolous hedonism.
I believe in finding truths always,
but equal in virtue is, kindness

I believe in the delights of solitude
Although there is such a thing as too much of it
I believe in gorgeous plumpness
But I admit obesity is a disease

I believe in marital bliss
Just as much as I believe in divorce
I believe in grand romantic gestures
Although Id rather you propose in our bed.

I believe in fucking Doggy style
Although I often opt for being on top
I believe in friendship audits
But beware, it often contains unfortunate truths

I believe in licking wet snow
Although I hate the cold that precedes it
I believe in speaking my mind
Although tact is sometimes needed

I believe in striving for excellence
But present pleasures are often underrated
I believe in eating ice cream for breakfast
However, I know what that leads to

I believe in dipping carrots in chocolate
That’s the best way to enjoy it.
I believe in being helpful
Much of the world can use it

I believe in disciplining oneself
I know I can use more of it
I believe in keeping Dogs as pets
But I was a Cat in my past 9 lives

I believe in blind loyalty
It often decides whom we love
I believe in being promiscuous
Chastity is the silliest virtue

I believe in Freewill
Although I am inpatient with it
I believe in the free market
Afterall, I am trained to regulate it

I believe in being envious
Although jealousy is a pleasant evil
I believe in dancing naked
Even better with red heels on

I believe in touching my self
Even when I have a partner present
I believe in ogling women's body
It is after all Natures masterpiece

I believe in loving a Mans Penis
Only because it brings untold pleasures
I believe in sexual activities
Because that is the way to see God

I believe in Nirvana
I am often in pursuit of it
I believe in Enlightenment
Although I prefer Nirvana over it.

I believe in mouths on my nipples
Whether a babes or my baby's
I believe in Motherhood
Because Mothers do Gods work

I believe in having lunches
Naked with Champagne, preferably
I believe in peach dresses
Just as much as I love pink ones

I believe in Miley Cyrus
I really can't explain my love for her
I believe in Beyonce`s magic
I want to be her and steal her HoVa

I believe in learning languages
Although I dislike French passionately
I believe in speaking loudly
Cos only the bold will inherit the Kingdom

I believe in sowing wisely
Just as much as I love taking chances
I believe in terrible clich├ęs
I think I just used one wisely.

I believe you just smiled
Now you understand poetry's magic
I believe in my great talent
Although I often doubt the existence of it

I believe in sipping Citrus Tea
It soothes ones throat with harsh delights
I believe in loving ones siblings
The parental unit is optional, Right?

I believe in respecting ones elders
But to correct them when they are wrong
I believe I do this for my Mother
And I giggle when she becomes cross

I believe in giggling when I hear sex
Being jaded is so out of fashion
I believe in having lots of money
Only because I am attached to pretty Shoes

I believe in wearing Big earrings
Only the fashionable will get this
I believe in dating wisely
But a bad boy is so tempting

I believe in tweeting widely
This is where the next leaders hide
I believe in being private
I wonder why I am often, not

I believe in helping Jesus
I think he created us for that purpose
I believe in being Agnostic
Even God should prove himself to us

I believe in Kanyes swagga
Yes, I still use that word often
I believe in Run Rev"s wisdom
No matter how obvious he gets

I believe in Vlad’s humour
Although I think Lolita is still great
I believe in Gabi’s genius
Tell me you have read all his books

I believe in Zadie’s talent
Although I hate that my Husband adores her
I believe in Mama Maya’s grace
I fancy myself her tiny twin

I believe in Zoras Women
For they have shown me the true meaning of Love
I believe in giving alms to the poor
It's even better to help them give alms too

I believe in smelling lovely
Yes, I realize that natural smell is sexier
I believe in working diligently
That is how Bill made his billions

I believe in yawning loudly
Why on earth would you hold your yawns?
I believe in wearing Afros
And I am glad it has nothing to do with Race

I believe in eating spinach
It must be the Nigerian in me
I believe in holding grudges
But only for a pleasant second

I believe in the American spirit
Yes, well I am American you see
I believe in Moremi`s ancient sacrifice
Just because she is who Kennedy referred to

I believe in straddling both cultures
Because that is what tells you who I am
I believe in being half of each
Cos I think I get the best of both worlds

I believe I just wrote a poem,
I think I am pleased with it
I believe it sucks majorly
Oya, tell me you enjoyed it.

I believe in loving deeply
Only because I have met you,
And above all my darling Ojo
I believe in you and me

For my love…
Yours, Always…

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jesus Loves You!!!

Scandal II: Blogger in my sheets-Finito!!!!

With one open palm raised chest high, i solemnly declare before you read the foregoing that i, T.Notes am entirely up to no good with this entry.And before you go ahead to castigate,do note that if you weren't busybodying yourself, being fully aware of the content of this mail since you had read the former, you wouldn't have opened this blog. Moreso,if having now been warned yet you are still reading and itching...*Wink*Wink* Who's the busyBody uh?!

Call it whateva u wish tho, i'm a man of my word and i will let the ugly worms out of the can as promised (at the count of 15 "Name them"). Hey, wasn't my fault the guy had a leaking mouth. If it was meant to be private business, he shouldn't have spilled in the first place. Hence, i am justified!

If you're clueless as to what i am ranting about, see former blog here.

So i've been warned that i'd be lynched off blogger if i cross certain airs on this esteemed forum of ours. They no fit! My response: Worst case, i'll return back to my notorious homebase: All soulcasters, say Aiiii!!!lol!Meen i miss those zany bloggers. Soulcast just got way too controversial/heated/naughty A LOT OF TIMES!Soulcasters need Jesus. Lol!!!

As per the lynching, i don't like being threatened, hence this is my conclusion;-)

@Annonymous: I will certainly appease your curiousity in a little while!In d new found vocab of our Naija politicians, there shall be no sacred cows!Lol!

@LDP: Lol@nkan be!!!You still carry those localized cheap NTA shows to obodo oyinbo eh?!lol!I feel you jare!

@neefemi: I already inboxed u the names!I could imagine your shock yay?

@musco my man: Lol!Controversy is needed once in a while jo. Blogger's getting too cozy and all: "yes please, thank you very much, ooh how nice of you"!Blogger needs spice n rattling up--my opinion!!

@sososexy: Don't be too sure i ain't only 10years old!Besides, i already listed you as suspect No1!The cards add up--you're just as naughty,prolly just as steamy, uhmm, and all the other points in your 10things lists!

@Myne: Watch ya self o!!!!You're being way too smart for your own good!Let me tell my own story!

@YNC: Hmmm, in a little while now...

@2cute: Hi Hi good friend! I trust that when the lynching starts, you'll at least take my side? However my amebo does have part2-as you can see!

@aeedeee: a healthy dose coming right up jare!Chop knuckle.

Taking a breather: Meeeeeen replyn comments is hard work o!!!!

@F: Hmmm, u think??Tell me more.

@Ms O: Drop ur e-mail address here.

@blogoratti & lara: U guys fall my hand! Whatever happened to principles of morality, shouting for what is right even if you're the only one doing the screaming and....all that..

@younique: The fingers are talking talking talking!!!My mouth didnt say nothing in all this!

All said and done, click here to be directed to the page of the aforementioned bloggers.I did a little snooping and also found out the guy's blogger persona.
The onus now lies on you guys--tell them whateva u wish on their page. Me, i have washed my hands clean!

So says, T.Notes!

On a lighter note: Talking about containing the raging tempest involved in "waiting" for sex before marriage, (or even staying monogamous within marriage), people often ask why i got married at 18. I look at them most incredulously before answering matter of factly, "Duh, because it wasn't legal at 17!"
*It took me a few seconds to get it too.*