Thursday, June 30, 2011


Your Boy, T.Notes,Got a Fulltime Proper job,in the U.K!!!!

A global bank (name withheld),head office in London, resuming september 2011!
And i'm not even done with dissertation yet!!!!



Friday, June 24, 2011

Random tweets....

Trying too hard...

...reading and running fin.stat programs all 10pm...5days a week...barely 4hours sleep inbetween...cranky...eyes red shot....i think i'm the only one left in the software rooms in the whole business school....and i've got work early tomorrow morn.

...the thing is,i'm sooo close to that mark,and for whatever the selfish reason,i really really want that first!Maybe for me,maybe to shut the mouth of all these snooty kids,i want to walk proud when they take the roll call for the distinctions. Maybe the only blackfaced geek among the lot...

...if i can only just figure out this other new component analysis,the result might be astounding..that is if i'm doing it right in the first place??But maybe,just maybe that might do it.....head aches!Trying way too hard.


Friday, June 17, 2011

This will not end well...

and i know it....
...but i'm acting like a silly child and not heeding the obvious warnings.
We should stop this whilst it still makes sense and the damage is near minimal.

You are going to fuck up my whole life...
Starting with making me listen to Monica!

But you know...the giddiness is a high that's soo addictive....
...then one kiss....

This will not end well...
and i know it.

Where's that anal T.Notes when i need him?!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

*When I am dead*

You know the thing i hate most about dying??It's the sexlessness!!!

I think death was the worst of the punishments inflicted on mankind, that as well as old age where your body gets utterly useless it can't even feel for good sex anymore! #myopinion#: Sex is just about the best thing we got to keep after the fall. And the one thing i'm still wary about heaven is the fact that i still cannot find any good reference that talks about sex up there. It's all good to have peace and sanity and rest and being with God, but honestly God, this business about no mention of good rauncy sex,it gives me concern honestly!

I am afraid of death. Scares me shitless. And i wonder why? Afterall i think i've pretty much ticked off the necessary visa's for a hopefully smooth transitioning to the life thereafter.

I think it's the pain. Like you know how sickness can rape the body-like the merciless grim reaper till the final whisper of breath is sucked out in an agonozing spasm. That's why i hate visiting clinics. When i finally go,I hope i close my eyes with a quiet smile.

I hope Christ comes back just before i die. After i have fully lived out my days and i'm dealing with the drudgery of old age. Then Christ calls saints upwards and kazaam,i get back a youthful body and get to start all over again. I'd hate to wait in the grave. Its too quiet down there.

I hate to loose people that are close to me. My heart breaks. And admittedly, for some i don't even know how i could ever live without. I'd rather just draw my own curtains instead and have them live on added years. At least i'd be watching over them from above. I hate the pain of loss. That's what makes true love a little complicated. When you love someone so hard that your soul gets interwoven like a messy quilt,what happens when one of you goes?

Have you read C.S Lewis biography 'surprised by joy? When she finally died...and how his life got shattered...
"To try to exclude the possibility of suffering which the order of nature and the existence of free-wills involve, and you find that you have excluded life itself." So maybe we take it all, the good and the bad.

You know they say some people pre-envision their death before it comes. Hey,maybe if i die, then i'd be one of those people who left behind a mystery!If you have to write a post about me, you can link this tiny page here where i once spilled a little of my concern and fears. Sometimes we might tell God that we're not strong enough to handle certain ordeals, and He'd reply quietly saying only He knows what we're strong enough to handle. Yet i'd shrug and say it again, "i hope things go well,i truly am not sure if i am strong enough to handle certain things."