Thursday, March 17, 2011

Published Changes to U.K Immigration laws for PSW

No changes, other than those set out in 7.16 and 7.17 below, are being made to the Tier 1 (Post-Study Work) category, which caters for international graduates who have studied in the UK and wish to work following their graduation.

I've only scanned quickly through the published documents and noted the few changes,which are just slight annoyances, but there are no such changes as the rumours were carrying. You may download and view the documents here, for yourself.

So,please,stop the rumours and face your studies!

Kisses (For the Chics only)

Monday, March 14, 2011

From T.Notes to in really.

A quickie.....

I have a question now. As in,really-this is without all cynicism,and i'd appreciate candid answers.On my way back home today,my mind pondered as usual,and this time, i asked the question,'does it ever really stop?'. No,this time,i am not making crude sexual innuendos or taking quirky jabs of anything sexual related. I'm being frank here,and leading this to a viable concern.

C.S.Lewis implied in the screwtape letters that,a reliable trick to make the human get the impression that a certain temptation never gets better, i.e, they'll never be over it, and they'll fight it for the rest of their lives. Now, when faced with this kind of crude reality, the most human option is to give up and jump ship immediately.C.S Lewis' opinion is that,at some point in time, we mature over whatever the tempt is. I'm not sure i believe that.

I need to flag a warning here before i delve further. It's fine,i kid quite quite alot, but for the average reader,you should undertstand that for most parts,i do my bit to hold myself to a certain level of decorum/order. But i am exposed,quite,and to a large extent,very very f*ckd up. So in essence,you could summise T.N, as a pretty f*ckd up guy who'd trying to make the best of things. You get the drift? Now moving further,because i am pretty much one heck of a job,i happen to find myself in all kinds of..well,unregular situations,and subsequently,the order of the day is usually,oh f*ck,what have you gotten yourself into now, ad how do we sort this out before things get out of order?In essence,i'd say i've spent the most parts of my days, after i decided i want to stop being too f*cked up, basically trying not to screw things up any further.So,my question is, admittedly,because of my past and present issues,i am probably more inclined to find myself in a f scenerio than maybe most people do. So,my question boils down to, will i ever get to the point/place where i am totally convinced and operating on the level where a quick romp is not primary on my mind?

That's part of why i have commitment issues. I don't want to be the kind of man/husband who maintains Mia,Tz,Rs on the side for the days when the disatisfaction with the woman at home surmounts common sense. Which is fine, as a noble intention. But is it attainable?I don't think so.I don't see me know, The Good Man!The stable Man!The reliable husband!Even as much as i want to be..yet i don't even want to be!How do you get content with one person for the rest of your life and kill the inclinations when a pesky text keeps flagging on the other side!

In this so called my bid to be good,i've put up the most ridiculous restraints,you don't even want to know.But on the flip side, whenever i take a step back and examine this my so called it more noble to try to be noble,than in your bid to be a noble, be a f*ckn liar???And how much longer am i going to keep blowing off all these invites with flimpsy excuses.

...I haven't proofRead this, so if it makes any sense to you...drop a response ;-)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Well, lookie what i found!

On another T.Notes,Hullos Peepadales!!!!How u been? Got exams tomorrow!Whoop Whoop!And i am typing this under the influence of massive headache,hangovers and need-to-sleep-syndrone!(Did i spell that right??Too lazy to do a spell-check jor!)..Anyways,so i'm wondering...what's the worse that could happen with my present inclination-majorly flirting with my Asian courseMate Mia??What do you think? Here's how my brief delving into the fantasy went today.

So in reality,i'm supposed to meet up with Mia tomorrow after the exam.(But i will be good,as in seriously).So we meet up casually,end up at P.S-the coolest joint for Birm.potatoes&Bear!We chat for a while, then take it to her crib. We're lucky,none of the others are around.Things get a little cozy. But since i'm still the king of the no-sex club,i will only indulge a little this n that. So..flip a lil to earlier picture to get the gist.

So that happens,we're both cool, and we end the day on a nice note. Now Asian girls are reallly nice, but they do tend to get a lil possesive, and you'd better be replying their text on time, or else!!!,i refused to reply text and Mia's not feeling happy about it, thinking i've made her into a cheap thrill. But,i shrug and still do not reply texts. And that is where i start to realize that my school community's actually got a close knit populace of asian guys around, who all of a sudden seem to know Mia and seem to be frowning at me around every corner. In fact,i'm not kidding to say that at every busstop, it seems there's an asian guy lurking closebuy with gritted teeth,just waiting for me to be alone after dark. What is up with these people, have you not heard of the concept of a simple one night stand before, why's everybody taking this thing so personal, i never promised to marry anybody?!!!Jeez!!!

Anyways,now i'm starting to get pissed,and i'm not going to take it standing down!So, yes, you guessed it. We also do have quite a number of my naija guys around too!And you know we're bigger too,bigger,blacker,meaner!So if nobody puts an end to this beef very soon, Hiroshima's gonna be child's play compared to the tribal clash down that's gonna happen in Birm right after the last exam pens are dropped!

So,watcha think???Should i go ahead still??