Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All the world's a random blog

I’ve got a huge folder teeming with uncompleted blogs n notes! In a moment of gay, i’ll do my best to compile all into one jolly good random! P.S, London for the xmas holidays. Leaving in a few hours. I’d better have internet!

Why should i get married? I seem to have lost all interest in the concept! Maybe i’m a selfish dick, but i love my life. I have loads of all sorts of friends that i’m just not ready to give up and become a responsible married man. And that is the least of my reasons.

I love the corrs. Always have. Its always been my fantasy to get married to Andrea and stare into her irish eyes all day long over Spanish El desayuno and warm blackcurrants. For Andrea, i would get married.

Last night was beautiful...and no durex satchets were harmed during the course of the hours. Seven grown men and women cozied in a warm bedroom guffawed the night away whilst it snowed outside. Somewhat reminiscent of that scene in sound of music where they sang ‘my favourite things’ whilst a storm brewed outside. No, conversations were mostly not cultured.

I started out kidding about it, but it seems i really do have a crush of some sort on French Cc!

Sigh. I’m fast getting broke. Been frantically rying to get a job before it becomes a real problem. The life of a self funded international student is another world altogether. There’s no getting around that day of reckoning where you’ll start counting the pennies.

Boredom takes you to strange places. I recently discovered the underground world of live tease cam websites. Its really like walking into those victorian style brothels with an array of rooms for the numerous ‘models’. Without mincing words, the center of attention is a lone woman transmitting via webcam her doings with fingers and sex toys. There were streaming 832 ‘models’ that night in that one website, and all girl-next-door kind of people. I could really have sworn that i’ve met ‘Jayden Kane’ and ‘Texas4cum’ somewhere before along bhm streets or in school! Are girls students by daytime and webcam models by night making some extra cash??Lol, would i take up a webcam job to make some extra cash?!

SexChatsites...I honestly was only fooling around. But what do u know, i got a few mails this morning:

You have received a new message from another V...user.
Hey Stranger, hope you well, thanks for getting back to me. I did not think these sites worked! I'm attaching a pic and if you are ok with what I look like then maybe contact me on my personal addy, its and I'll tell you a bit more about myself, hopefully we can get something going, chat soon, Dolli.

Did i mention D’s friend who stayed the weekend? Then joined a lone me early in the morning where i was busy working on my stock returns models. She’s clad in skimpy lace pants and some kind of bra-top. “Hi..could you give me a hand, the shower doesn’t seem to be coming on.”
“Oh Jesus...”I mutter as i try to keep my gaze on a face and not on her skin.”
“Uhmmm, yeah sure, let’s have a look at it.”
I follow the chic into the bathroom and notice that her night gown lay discarded on the floor.....

I feel like i’m living in those xmas hallmark movies with all these frigging snow that just won’t stop!

Have to run now, before i miss the train!


  1. your life is straight out of a sitcom. enjoy london!

  2. u re absolutely in trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just wonder why you are not learning from my mistakes....

    Welcome to the club though.LOL!

  3. I pray you miss the train, silly. haha
    May God deliver ur head. Boredom kills o... As in, literally kills! lol

    Merry Christmas bro :)
    - LDP

  4. You are getting into trouble...Boredom not a nice thing. Hope you did not miss your bus sha.

    Merry Christmas

  5. This is the blog I was referring to.

    Its uncanny, the bulk of this blog was about sex, yet the first paragraph kinda shunned marriage. Er, dude instead of spending hard earned money on porn sites, just get married to a sexy woman.

    You did mention that you have loads of friends and are crushing on a few right? well give it a go.

    And if she is Britico or eve European (the EU bits) all your worries will be gone (and replaced by new ones)

    Just a thought, dont shoot the messenger.

    great blog, gnite!


  6. @Mena: Lol!!!!Ok,your bluntness there threw me a little off track!!!And lol....ican't even think of a return attack right now to get back at you! But trust me,i don't stay down too long. I will address your *fuck-up* in a moment!lol!!!(Well,the fuck-up bit, i've just been waiting to re-use that phrase,i picked it up recently!) Thanx 4 reading around. Be sure i will mess up in blog in like manner!